Pedro Brito

Pedro Brito

Dental Technician

Director of the Laboratory BioMimetik lab PEDRO BRITO


Degree in Dental Prosthesis, ESSEM – Egas Moniz

He is  Professor of the 3rd Post-Graduation in Aesthetic Dentistry, at ISCSEM – Egas Moniz.

He had published an  article in the CDA journal, vol 40, nº6 June 2012 “The importance of the optical properties in dental silica-based ceramics “with

Paulo Monteiro DMD, MSC, Joana Pereira MSC and Ricardo Alves DMD, MSC.

He is  Professor of the 1st Post-Graduation in Advanced Biomimetic Dentistry, in ISCSEM – Egas Moniz, Lecturer of the 2nd Journey of dental prosthesis, ISCSEM – Egas Moniz, Speaker of the 7th SPED Congress with the theme “innovation in Biomimetics “, Lecturer at the Congress of Dental Prosthesis Technicians, with the theme “The Other Side of Smile “.

Mr. Brito is Professor of the Post-Graduation in Minimally Invasive Adhesive Dentistry, DAMI at the Higher Institute of Health Sciences Egas Moniz since 2016.

He publiched  an article in QDT 2017, The Biodigital Alveolar Model: An Alternative for a Predictable Esthetic Outcome with Ultrathin Porcelain Veneers, with Paulo Monteiro, DDS, MSc, João Rua, DDS, Silas Duarte Jr, DDS, MS, PhD, José João Mendes DDS, PhD in 2016

Mr. Brito is the Director of the Laboratory BioMimetik lab PEDRO BRITO.


Digital Revolution – The Other Side of Art

The era of technology began with digital photography, a key element in team communication. Increasingly, digital help is present in the daily routine, providing greater predictability in the resolution of clinical cases. Showing how this use helps teamwork, bringing a wider variety of solutions, will be the basis of my presentation.

We can conclude that the Dental Art has today an ally in the most rigor, in the rapid response, and in the ever utopia of the management of time. Welcome to the Digital Age … The Other Side of Art.


22nd September 2018
DT Pedro Brito – TBA
Hall 2
15:00  -  16:00