22nd September 2018

DT Simone Maffei – Dental Photography 14:00  -  15:00 DT Simone Maffei – Dental Photography Hall 2

DT Simone Maffei – Dental Photography

This workshop theory and practice of photography has as main goal to convey the basic concepts of modern digital photography, applied to the world of dentistry. It will be explained how to calibrate your equipment to obtain consistently reproducible photos, how to get a protocol of photographic documentation, how to better manage the files and how to obtain rapid presentations of high emotional impact to be used as a marketing tool for the study and the laboratory and to improve communication between the various members of the team. They will also learn techniques for documentation of clinical cases in the laboratory, in order to obtain images of highly aesthetic and visual impact.


Theoretical Part

Introduction photographic equipment • Management of the depth of field • Lighting management and influence of flash • Techniques for proper framing • Protocol for taking the reproducible color • Monitor calibration • The basics of portrait and photography intraoral

Practice Part

In the practical part will be shown the main shooting techniques necessary for photos related to dental world, will be done a series of test shots for intraoral photography, portrait photography and photography lab.

Session Category :  22 Sep  Conference