22nd September 2018

DT Sascha Hein<br><br>“eLAB®” – A new dawn in shade matching! 16:30  -  18:00 DT Sascha Hein<br><br>“eLAB®” – A new dawn in shade matching! Hall 1

DT Sascha Hein

“eLAB®” – A new dawn in shade matching!

Consistent shade matching of indirect restorations with natural dentition remains to be a formidable challenge, even for the most experienced of experts. Numerous factors which take adverse effect on the clinical outcome have long been identified. They include operator dependency (subjective shade selection and evaluation), insufficient shade guide coverage of the range of natural tooth shades as well as considerable inconsistencies among manufacturers shading regimes. The eLABor_aid® System was developed to combat these limitations by enabling objective shade communication using cross polarized dental photography in conjunction with a new and innovative digital work flow that will allow the dental ceramist to formulate an individual shade recipe and to measure its accuracy with the help of a digital try-in of the build-up prior to firing. Learn about the future of shade management: capture, calibrate & create!

Key Learning Goals:

  1. Traditional shade communication using visual assessment, what are the pros and cons?
  2. Understanding metamerism and its origins.
  3. Using a digital single lens camera (DSLR) for objective shade quantification and communication without the use of shade guides.
  4. Practical realisation of layered, indirect restorations and clinical examples.

Session Category :  22 Sep  Conference